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Did you sleep the wrong way last night, and now you can’t move your neck in a certain direction without feeling a sharp pinch? Or perhaps you constantly struggle with a dull pain in your neck muscles, limiting your range of motion? Whatever the case may be, neck pain is a common ailment that can seriously affect one’s quality of life. However, there are a number of things you may be doing that are actually common neck pain causes. Read on to learn about three important changes you s...
Posted on 2021-07-07
Our ankles contain several ligaments that serve as connectors between different bones. If these ligaments are overstretched during awkward turns, rolls or twists of the ankle, they can tear and lead to a sprained ankle. It’s a painful condition that involves swelling, bruising and tenderness that can take anywhere between two and 12 weeks to heal, depending on the severity of the injury. Since ligaments contain fewer blood vessels than most tissues, recovering from an ankle sprain may tak...
Posted on 2021-06-03
Knee pain is an exceedingly common issue, especially among active athletes and older people. The knee joint has a uniquely complex structure that serves to carry and transfer body weight. As such, it’s susceptible to damage from sudden cutting or pivoting movements, poor mechanics, and natural degeneration with age. Knee pain causes are diverse, and persistent pain should be consulted with a certified medical professional such as a physiotherapist, chiropractor, or an orthopedic surgeon. ...
Posted on 2021-05-04
Have you been experiencing chronic dizziness, to the point where it is hard to keep your balance? Do you experience severe episodes of vertigo, sometimes referred to as “dizzy spells,” that inhibit your ability to engage in daily activities? If you answered yes to any of the above, then you may be one of the 10 million people each year who suffer from chronic dizziness. Before you decide to pursue more invasive means of recovery, typically involving medication, you should consider a...
Posted on 2021-04-07
Back pain is amongst the most common complaints we see at our physiotherapy clinic. While many people will experience some form of back pain in their lifetime, a substantial amount of Canadians continue to live with chronic pain that may interfere with their ability to work or enjoy their favourite activities.  The low back or the lumbar region is particularly susceptible to pain. It starts below the ribcage and can radiate to the buttocks and the back of the thighs. In this blog, we'll d...
Posted on 2021-03-04
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