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When it comes to treating chronic pain, most physiotherapists recommend acupuncture or intramuscular stimulation (IMS). And even though, most people consider these forms of treatment alike, they are distinct in their own way. Both of these modalities have their own set of advantages and disadvantages.   Acupuncture has its origins in Chinese medicine and dates back to thousands of years. IMS uses knowledge of neurophysiology to identify and treat nerve-related problems. However, both acu...
Posted on 2018-11-07
If you are experiencing difficulty in accomplishing your daily tasks due to frustrating pain and limited mobility of your shoulder and arm, it can be a sign of frozen shoulder. This situation is common in both men and women over the age of 45. If you are suffering from frozen shoulder pain in one shoulder, you are likely to get it in the other shoulder as well.  Therefore, consulting with a physical therapist for frozen shoulder treatment is the right thing to do. A physical the...
Posted on 2018-11-05
Using laptops or mobile phones for longer hours can not only affect your eyes but your wrists too. The carpal tunnel is one of the ligaments that get affected due to excessive usage of the wrist. Before the pain becomes unbearable, here are some preventive measures to help you reduce the effects of carpal tunnel syndrome. . Wrist Flexor Stretch. Here is how you can perform this exercise: 1) Extend your affected forearm so that you can see the back of your palm exactly in front of yo...
Posted on 2018-05-07