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Have you recently had a whole-body massage and soon after the masseuse was done, he asked you to drink a glass of water? Although you gladly obliged as you feel it would be rude not to, you were left wondering why the gesture. You thought it was something that they have gotten used to with other clients that’s why they also asked you to do it. But did you know that drinking at least a glass of water after a deep tissue massage is more than just a friendly gesture? Most practitioners belie...
Posted on 2018-05-21
Did you know that more people see their physicians for complaints of body pain? It is not just the kind of pain that you get soon after you finish your workout routine or carried a heavy load. It is the kind of pain that is consistent and maybe even chronic that it already interferes with your social, mental and even emotional state. A person who finds himself dealing with unbearable pain may find it difficult to finish tasks or even engage in various social activities. The unexplainable sour...
Posted on 2018-05-16
In a world where every second person is in a rush and too occupied, even sleeping at night may be difficult for some. On the other hand, some may have a constant feeling of anxiety due to multiple stress factors and may not get a peaceful sleep. But if you do not sleep well, then it can have an adverse impact on your health. Therefore, if you find it difficult to sleep or a get a good night sleep, then you should start with bedtime stretches. Bedtime stretches are the perfect ways to wind you do...
Posted on 2018-05-14
Have you been trying to lose weight? Did it seem impossible for you to get rid of all the extra bulges in the stomach? If you have tried so many ways to lose weight, but it seems nothing worked for you, the effects could be disheartening. It’s like the universe is telling you that there is nothing that you can do about your weight until someone told you to try acupuncture. Although you know how acupuncture helps relieve muscle pain, you have yet to discover its positive effects on weight l...
Posted on 2018-05-10
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